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Shrubs are an essential part of any Eastern Shore garden. They provide year-round interest with their foliage, flowers, and berries. Some popular native shrubs include the American holly, inkberry, and sweetbay magnolia. These hardy plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, making them easy to care for. Whether you’re looking for a flowering shrub to brighten up your landscape or a privacy screen to block out unwanted views, there is a shrub for every need at Eastern Shore Nurseries.

Midatlantic Region







N Native
SN Some Native Varieties

Azaleas SN  D  E  F 10+ varieties

Encore Azaleas  E  F  10+ varieties

Abelia E  F 5+ varieties

Hydrangeas SN  D  F  20+ varieties

Boxwood  SN  D  F 10+ varieties

Cleyera E  F

Japanese Holly  E  10+ varieties

Deciduous Holly N  D

Privet E

Euonymus E

Nandina E  6+ varieties

Arborvitae  E

Crepe Myrtle  D  F

Nellie Stevens Holly E

English/Chinese Holly E   10+ varieties

Viburnum SN  E  D  F

Button Bush  N  D   F

Weigela  D   F   3+ varieties

Spirea D   F

Sweet Shrub N  D  F

Itea  D   F

Clethra  N  D   F

Fothergilla   D  F

Franklinia  D   F

Dwarf Alberta Spruce E

Gold Mop Cypress    E

Bayberry   N  E

Butterfly Bush   D   F

Rose of Sharon   D   F

Smoke Bush   D   F

Ninebark    D   F

Elderberry     D   F

Blueberry    D

Raspberry   D

Blackberry  D

Knockout Roses   D   F

Drift Roses   D   F

Hypericum   D   F

Vitex   D   F

Distylium   E   F

Osmanthus   E

Acuba   E   5+ varieties          

Crepe Myrtle- 20+ varieties

Japanese Holly 

And more!!