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The mid-Atlantic region of the United States is home to a diverse array of trees, including deciduous species such as oaks, maples, and birch, as well  as evergreens like pines and spruces. These trees provide  important ecosystem services  such as oxygen production,  carbon sequestration, and habitat for wildlife.

Additionally, many of the region’s trees are highly valued for their economic and cultural significance, with the lumber and paper industries relying heavily on species such as black cherry, yellow poplar, and red oak. Overall, the trees of the mid-Atlantic region are a vital and valuable part of the area’s natural and cultural  heritage.

Select locally grown trees

N Native
SN Some Native Varieties

American Beech N 
Kousa Dogwood- white and pink varieties
American Dogwood- N white , pink and red varieties
Red Maple- N 3+ varieties
Sugar Maple- 3+ varieties
Red Bud N 
River Birch N
Oak- N 5+ varieties
Paw Paw N
Dawn Redwood
Bald Cypress N 
Crab Apple
Hawthorn N
Black Gum N 
Sweet Gum N 
Purple Plum
Flowering Cherry
Weeping Cherry
White Pine N 
Loblolly Pine  N
Tulip Poplar N
Green Giant Arborvitaes
Emerald Green Arborvitaes N
Evergreen Magnolia N
Sweet Bay Magnolia N
Deciduous Magnolia SN
American Holly N
Japanese Maple- 25+ varieties
Persimmon SN
And more!